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Quality Produce from Boutique Gourmet Producers Around the World

About Us

Limwood Group specialises in the Wholesale and Retail of Food & Beverage products from boutique gourmet producers around the world. We work closely and collaboratively with our passionate producers in bringing their amazing produce to market in Singapore and beyond.

Through our social media platform (Gourmet Groupies) developed with the discerning foodie in mind, we created a community for like-minded folks who are passionate about everything FOOD. To spice things up, check out our Members Packs for challenges and a chance to win attractive prizes!

Our passion for fantastic produce is built on the joyful experiences created from their enjoyment and we endeavour to bring these experiences to our customers’ homes and kitchens. Bon Appetit!

Our Team

Phil Henwood

Phil Henwood

Co-Group CEO & Innovation Strategist

Phil enjoys good food, great wine and is passionate about bringing new culinary experiences to others. This passion is what drives Phil to grow Limwood’s customer base, broaden its product offering and interact with our customers through various communication channels.

Cindy Casey Henwood

Cindy Casey Henwood

Co-Group CEO & COO

Having travelled to nearly 50 countries and chomping her way through them (along with the local tipple, of course), Cindy is constantly amazed by the incredible diversity of cuisines and cultures. Limwood is her gateway to share her joyful foodie experiences with like-minded folks.

Why Choose us?

100% Natural

Knowing what’s exactly in the products we consume is important to us and hence, we will like to share that information with you. After all, isn’t it all supposed to be 100% Ingredients au Naturel?


We represent happy farmers / producers who take exceptional pride in the produce they are so passionate about. While they might not be able to produce large commercial batches, you can be assured that you are receiving only the finest product – Made with Love.


Hey, what’s better than making fine produce? Winning awards of course! Check out our Awards Gallery for details on the award-winning produce from our passionate farmers / producers.

Farm to Table

Well, technically, it’s Farm to Truck to Ship to Truck. But we’re getting them as quickly as possible to your Table! Our precious produce are given all due TLC from the moment they are planted, to when we have them delivered to you for your enjoyment.

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